Welcome to Lamars Mastiffs  . My Husband Eric and I have been breeding Mastiffs for well over 30 years. We have had much success in the show ring but most important to us is health,structure,soundness,temperament and longevity. Out current oldest Mastiff is the Marvelous " Vivala" at 12 years young. We are risding in Brentwood,Ca at the moment but we bought a home in Twin Falls Idaho where Eric and I plan to retire. We are still breeding Mastiffs on a limited basis. Our joy is bringing happiness and love to Families with our beloved Mastiffs. Once you own a Mastiff you wont own a regular dog again.Mastiffs have so many human qualties.

  We belong to the Mastiff Club of America  where we have been members in good standing since 1992 .
I have served on the board of directors off and on for years . My husband Eric and I have both been presented with many coveted  MCOA Service Awards for our contributions to the MCOA Club. Most recently 2012 both of us were honored again. Many thanks to our friends and collegues.

We also belong to the Redwood Empire Mastiff Club since 1991.  I have served on the board of directors in many capacities with the Redwood Empire Mastiff Club. We are lifetime Members.  . I have also been involved with numerous regional specialty shows, serving as the Show Chair for our regional specialty on Oct 20, 2007.I am also a Member in good standing of the Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio. 

My friend Carrie and I with Carrie doing all the work are the breeders of the Meagles the research breeding that resulted in our Meagles and the discovery of the marker for PRA. it is a Dominant gene no now we have a blood test to determine if your dog has PRA or not so we will never have to have that in our Breed again if Breeders are deligent. Many thanks to the MCOA the generosity of our Club members and all the hard work of the PRA Comittees also.


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